The Finn Flier

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Designed by Finnish Olympic Javelin Champion Tapio Korjus, this safe javelin is light (450 grams), flexible and easy on the elbow and shoulder. This javelin meets the USATF specifications for the “Aerojav.”

Throwers who need to train for good javelin flights love the The Finn Flier revealing flight characteristics – the differences between good and bad flights is obvious, and the thrill of “catching” a nice flight is encouraging and fun. Durable, and with just the right dimensions and balance, the Finn Flier has a “feel” that transfers to the men’s and women’s javelins seamlessly.

Getting enough throws in training to really master the javelin flight can be a problem with regular weight javelins. But by first throwing the  Finn Flier to find the best flight line without straining the arm, then switching to the regulation weight javelin, the thrower can get a sense that good flights are within reach.

Customer Reviews

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Jill Thurman

The Finn Flier

Rafe Mata
Finn Flier

Immediately went to work with the Finn and it was great. He was able to work technique without overworking his arm, plus it allowed him to see and correct form to get the flight right.

Michael Wilson
Moving Up

The Finn Flier is for my 10-year-old grandson as he moves up in his USATF age group. Making adjustment to the bigger implement but he loves it!