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The Denfi Space Traveller is finely calibrated to 0.001% accuracy. The powerful synthetic carbonate sides, wide chrome-plated rim and high spin enable throws of up to 210 feet. Experienced with medal-winning results in major events for 20+ years, this discus is suitable for advanced throwers and those striving to reach the next level. However, due to the elite level design, it is not intended for frequent use. Three options are available: 1K, 1.6K and 2K. Be sure to choose the appropriate weight for your gender and age as certified by World Athletics (I-10-0455 and I-10-0456).

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Need to purchase Space Traveler 10 Qty

Hi I haven't purchased any thing from your site. Just to Grab attention i have given 1 star ⭐

I need Denfi Space Traveler
1 kg 2 Qty
1.5 Kg 8 Qty

Please help
You can contact [****]

Broke right away

We got this disc at the Arcadia meet in CA last year from a vendor and within a couple weeks of using it broke right away. So was basically a waste of money. Kids didn’t seem to like it either. So was a couple hundred out the window.

Hey Bob,

I don't see an order for you in our system. It looks like you had ordered a knock off product.

Let us know if you would like to purchase an authentic Space Traveler!

Michael ODell
Best disc

Great to be able to buy the authentic product

Rodney Cocci
Great Disc, great flight ... will break if ground is not soft.

Highly recommend for competitions. Consistent throwers with a great release do very well with this disc. However, I'd avoid training with it unless you have an unlimited budget, especially under 50 degrees F. I've had athletes crack several of these throwing on a surface that has never cracked another disc.

Denfi discus

This is not a discus I recommend for tough ground. I’ve had one crack when I threw on drier ground. Be careful on what you throw on. But is very good when u learn how to use it. It takes time and perfection. I threw my pr with it.