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Gun Start: e-Starter simulates a gun start of a track meet.

Easy to Use: e-Starter has a speaker that emits a SET command followed by a BANG.

Realistic: The time between the SET command and BANG is random.

Autonomous: The athlete presses a button to start the sequence; athletes can train on their own.

Versatile: Can be used for block starts and standing starts.

Compatible: Works with both FxChip and FxChip BLE.

Rechargeable: The transmitter is charged using a magnetic USB cable (provided).

Providing a realistic start environment with varying times between SET and BANG commands, e-Starter is an autonomous and versatile way to train, allowing athletes to practice blocks, standing, and gun starts on their own. Compatible with Freelap FxChip and FxChip BLE, and with a rechargeable transmitter, e-Starter is an ideal training tool for any track and field athlete.



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