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Patented Lift From The Hip Technology

LightSpeed Lift’s patented body weight support system creates tri-planar lift at the user’s center of motion — their hip joint — to relieve up to 40 pounds of impact force from bones and joints. This simple, yet revolutionary design provides athletes and patients with universal support and maximum range of motion. Find out which model is most suitable for you or your facility.

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Elevate the success of your physical therapy clinic with LightSpeed Lift’s patented lift from the hip technology.

  • Assure safety and confidence for patients and therapists
  • Offer a functional, dynamic training environment
  • Expand patient base and markets
  • Justify and quantify billing codes
  • Create transformational results

Estimated return per unit: 25-30 extra visits per month


When it comes to fitness centers, LightSpeed Lift’s patented lift from the hip technology can help.

  • Assure safe training for members and staff
  • Offer contemporary cardio experiences
  • Boost member retention
  • Extend treadmill life

Estimated return per unit: Increased member use of treadmills

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Run better, faster and lighter with LightSpeed Lift’s patented lift from the hip technology.

  • Safe and secure training in the comfort of your own home
  • Prevent overuse injuries
  • Maximize treadmill performance

Estimated return per unit: Improved form, performance and neuromuscular control